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Revamped and Reloaded

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I finally found time to update this blog from Typo to WordPress!  This marks the second migration of this site, and this time I have completely moved away from Ruby on Rails.  Ruby on Rails is still a great tool, but I would not choose it for running a blog on a shared host.  I can’t afford to take a day off every time that the version numbers change.  (Don’t even let me start to complain about the time that my webhost upgraded Rails but Typo didn’t have a compatible version yet.)  WordPress is popular that it has to work, right?  At least I can hope that it will break less.

A bit of history: this blog started out as something that I programmed myself in Ruby on Rails.  I soon realized that Typo had all of the features that I desired with presumably less maintenance.  (WordPress was not quite as far along then.  If I recall correctly, it did not use AJAX back then and most themes relied on tables.  I knew that was not the future.)  I migrated the databases and theme to Typo and was born.  It turned out that keeping the Ruby version, Rails version, and Typo version in line was much more than I could handle.  My shared host has moved from CGI to FastCGI to Rails Passenger, which causes even more dependency trouble.  Most of the time that I set aside to create content was spent updating the theme, or some custom code, or playing system admin.  Eventually I gave up on the custom theme, but things still kept breaking every few months.  I have been using WordPress on another site for a year, and it has yet to break (except some obscure `plugins’).  So here we are today after a migration of both the blog and the gallery.  My only complaint is the format of the titles in the current theme, which are not very useful in search engines.

I don’t spend much time on hobby electronics anymore, so I plan to write about other topics as well.  For example: food & beverage, homebrew, and linux/unix.  A reminder of my two most popular posts:

  1. Powering LEDs costs mere pennies
  2. Doorknob touch alarm

Finally a new layout!

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I officially declare this site back in action! I been ignoring it for too long. Over the past week, I have updated Typo and designed a new layout. This is not the completely final version, though. The header/logo and advertisements need some work. The previous layout performed very well in that department. Hopefully this layout will make up for the difference by attracting more repeat visitors.

As you can see, the new layout is significantly better on the eyes. Unfortunately, it has some issues with Internet Explorer 6. Hopefully I can figure out what is causing the extra space to appear. Here is a quick list of the updates:

  1. Windows Vista Typefaces: Vista includes some “cute” fonts. If you have them installed, then the new layout uses Calibri. The best way to describe it is “semi-serif.” It actually replaces Times New Roman as the default font in Office 2007.

  2. Fluid width and resolution independence. Go ahead, resize your text. The sidebar automatically resizes as well! Of course I also added fluid width. (Fixed width is useless.)

  3. The colors are kinder on the eyes. I grew tired of deep red and flashy magenta.

  4. Better readability around the ads. I might regret this one, but at least you can read through the copy without getting a headache now.

Watch for a new post detailing my upcoming endevors!

Downtime & Lag

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I’m extremely sorry about all the downtime and lag lately. Dreamhost was trying be on the cutting edge by upgrading to Ruby on Rails 1.1 last night. Unfortunately, Typo does not currently support Rails 1.1. A post in the forums brought me back online using slow CGI this morning.

The good news is that the site is back up and running. Dreamhost has also rolled back to Rails 1.0 allowing Superpositioned to speed along on FastCGI again.

Unfortunately between this fiasco and a borked Typo upgrade earlier this week, I have exhausted what little spare time I had. I promise updates soon, though. My TODO list is full of circuits and projects!

Update: As of April 4, 2006 everything should be working again. Wait.. I am getting the “Typo failed to start properly” message randomly again.

Update: A few minutes later and you should no longer be receiving that message.

Brand New Layout!

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The site is now running on a brand new layout! The colors are definately an improvement. There is only one problem in Internet Explorer (of course). The shadow at the top of the content seems to get placed in all the comment nipples. Quite the bug, reseting #main2 every .comment-nipple. If I place padding at the top of #main2, it even copies that! This problem is driving me nuts!!

Feel free to comment. Especially on how horrible Internet Explorer is…

Comments (and more) fixed!

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I spent a few hours tonight fixing everything that was broken on the site.

  • Ajax comments work in everything but Opera.
  • Enabled automatic dumping of the Rails garbage collector. (no more Rails errors!)
  • Fixed some things with the gallery pages. (extra security) There are definately some attempted ‘magic quote’ hacks in the log files. (You must think I am stupid?)
  • Rearranged Adsense a little. It may be a few days before I enable this.

You are welcome to test the ajax comments on your favorite obscure browser. They should show up after you hit submit now.

Unfortunately there are no new posts for today.

Unfortunate downtime

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Unfortunately my host has experienced significant downtime this weekend. This is unrelated to any of my sites. Although the site has not been down 24/7, it has been down a lot. In fact, whenever I have had time to post it has been down. The only good thing about this is the backlog of topics I have collected. Look for updates soon!

Welcome to Superpositioned!

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Superpositioned is a blog dedicated to the electronics hobbyist. Several fields are to be covered. My particular interests include robotics and small electronics projects. However, I will be happy to post any relevant content.

I also plan on implementing a wiki and mailing lists. The wiki will be rolling out soon, but the details of the mailing lists have not be completely worked out.

Please tune in to the RSS feeds and feel free to submit new content!