Downtime & Lag

I’m extremely sorry about all the downtime and lag lately. Dreamhost was trying be on the cutting edge by upgrading to Ruby on Rails 1.1 last night. Unfortunately, Typo does not currently support Rails 1.1. A post in the forums brought me back online using slow CGI this morning.

The good news is that the site is back up and running. Dreamhost has also rolled back to Rails 1.0 allowing Superpositioned to speed along on FastCGI again.

Unfortunately between this fiasco and a borked Typo upgrade earlier this week, I have exhausted what little spare time I had. I promise updates soon, though. My TODO list is full of circuits and projects!

Update: As of April 4, 2006 everything should be working again. Wait.. I am getting the “Typo failed to start properly” message randomly again.

Update: A few minutes later and you should no longer be receiving that message.

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